sampleWith almost 30 years of experience with computers it is understandable that I(Bill) have had many varied opportunities involving computers and technology.  In all of this I will quickly let you know that my favorite task in all these years has been teaching.

After completing an intense course in computer programming, I was hired by the school I attended to teach programming.  Little did I know then how much I enjoyed it! 

In those jobs that followed, I always looked for opportunities to share with others.  As a software developer, it was a joy to share programming concepts with others in addition to programming.  In my many years doing computer consulting, my favorite or most fun activity was teaching people how to do the things they needed to do.  Empowering others to do things!  It is so great to hear their stories, their joy about learning to do their own tasks!

I've already had many opportunities to work on, upgrade or repair computers in while on trips to Asia.  I know of several people who have already expressed great joy that Susie and I are coming.  They have expectations - as we all do, and it is OK.  We are excited as well.  What I'm really excited about though is the opportunity to teach young Thai people about computers.  One of my hopes is to help them, especially in the area of web design.  The web continues to explode so there is great opportunity and great need.  Do you need a website?  Or changes to an existing site?  Let me know!  I am sure we will have some talented young people ready to assist you shortly after we arrive.