Who will you meet ...

sampleIt is one thing to go! We are all called to go! 
One of my favorite verses is Acts 1:8 where Jesus says " will be my witnesses...".

It is completely another to know what to do when we get there.  Even with the experience of previous trips and knowledge of the culture, it is still near impossible to know who you will meet and the impact of that relationship.  The one guarantee is "you will meet someone" at least one someone.  Often more than one!

What will you do ...

Every trip and the team traveling on that trip has a detailed teaching or activity plan for the trip.  This plan - no matter how detailed - cannot begin to identify relationships that will occur on a trip like this.  The relationship between Susie and Dang (pictured here) happened because Susie was open to interact with a young girl she never knew before.  Susie was kind, gave her hugs, paid attention to her and basically loved on her.  Another way to think of it is being open to what God would have us be in a relationship like this.  If we are, He can do amazing things through us and with the people we are meeting!

Our Plan

God has already brought many young people at Christian Paisansart School into relationship with us.  We intend to pursue those relationships.  To assist these young people as they make decisions about school - especially high school or college beyond the 9th grade.  To assist them in their decisions of what to do or what to study and to help them with necessary finances to be able to go to school.  For many of these young people, going on to school is not within their financial reach.  It isn't possible for them nor for their families.  We expect to help them with finances as well!

sampleYet we have seen how God has used a young man named Gofouy.  He came through CPS.  He and Chris Hoagland (missionary on site, then teaching English) developed a relationship.  When Gofouy expressed an interest in going on to High School, Chris and Esther (his wife) found a way to help him.  When he completed High School and wanted to go on to Bible College, they found a way to help him again.  Today, he spends his time working as one of the staff at the school, helping young boys just as he had been helped!  On weekends he goes back to his tribal village where he helps his people understand the truth of the Gospel message.

We cannot evangelize the Thai people.  We can do like Jesus did.  Gather a small group of local people and pour our lives into them so that they can go out and evangelize their people!

We believe much can be done!  We also believe we are in a great place to be able to help.  We believe that God has already brought several young people into our lives for such a purpose as this.  Please remember the names Nymueng and Tuan.  Pray for them when you have the opportunity.  We will share more infomation about them in the future!