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Four of our young people graduated from high school during February and March.  We are so excited for them.  Education is important and the first step for these young people in breaking the bonds of poverty!

Prapapon - February 14th


Left picture is Prapapon with her mom and brother, and right picture with Bill & Susie.  Prapapon will be attending Rajabaht University in August.  She will be studying English.

Chuleegon - February 21st


Left picture is Chuleegon, her mom and little sister, some friends, Bill and Chris & Esther Hoagland.  Right picture is Baw, one of our staff, Prapapon and Chuleegon's older sister.  Chulegon studied at Pawnit, one of Chiang Rai's vocational high schools majoring in accounting.  She will be studying accounting 2 more years at Pawnit getting an associates degree.

Santi - February 27th


Left picture is Santi with 2 teachers and the director of Mengrai High School.  Right picture is Bill, Baw, Fu, Prapapon, Esther, Santi, Chris and Go.  Santi is wanting to attend Mae Fa Luang University to study Business Chinese.  I say wanting because Santi needs a sponsor for this to happen.

Sutian - March 13th


Left picture is Bill, Sutian, Yohan and Chris.  Right picture is Sutian with classmates and teachers at Chiang Rai Technical Vocational High School.  Sutian excelled in his studies of electricity and electronics.  He will attend this same school for 2 more years getting an Associates Degree in Electronics.


On February 14th we had the great joy of baptizing two of our kids.  Prapapon and Santi both came forward asking to be baptized.  We had already planned a discipleship training time for Valentines weekend so the 14th became an event.  Graduation in the morning and baptism in the afternoon.  We took the kids to a nearby mountain stream, had a great lunch followed by a time of worship and baptisms.

2015 Baptisms

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Our New Ministry Center!

Ministry Center

Since purchasing our land in mid 2013, we've been working on what to build.  This is the final design of our Ministry Center.  Our original plan was to have 2 houses.  This one for Susie & Bill and the girls and a second house for the boys.  We've decided to scale the project back just a little and just build this house.  That means that the boys will be living in 2 rooms on the second floor.  These rooms were designated for Thai staff. 

This building is where most ministry activities will take place.  Things like family meals, discipleship meetings and Bible studies, English classes, etc.
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