Team News

Who are we?

We are a ministry that supports high school and university-aged young people – ages from 16 to 23 years. These young people live in our houses (1 for girls and 1 for boys). When teams come, we connect the girls on the team with our girls and boys on the team with our boys! We make them partners for the duration of the team’s time here in Thailand. Our primary goal is to force our Thai kids to communicate in English!

What would we do?

We often travel to nearby mountain villages to do English Camps. The camps usually include 4 components

  1. Teaching English – The Thai people are very interested in learning English.
  2. Teaching Bible stories – We are a Christian mission. Our primary goal is the share the love of Jesus Christ with the people of Thailand.
  3. Do arts & crafts – The Thai people are very creative. We like to find a craft or art project that is aligned with the Bible story that we teach.
  4. Play games – Thai kids are no different that kids all over the world. They love to play games and are very competitive.

Our ministry also supports a number of HIV families. We go visit them every month bringing them food supplements, encouragement, and prayer. These families love when teams come to visit them! Then there are other things like volleyball, basketball, football (soccer), frisbee and badminton! Sometimes we will have special work projects that you can help to complete.

We love teams! Especially teams of younger people who love having fun and adventures! Who loves meeting people and especially helping people!

Where would we stay?

We prefer that teams stay on-site with us. Sometimes it gets a little crowded, but it has always been fun!

What would we eat?

Food of course! And especially Thai food! We do take precautions for people with special food allergies and we are careful about the amount of Thai spice that is included with the food we serve. Also, we do grow our own organic vegetables!

Want more information?

If you have questions or want more information, please Contact Us and send us a message!