Who can be a volunteer?

Are you a university graduate looking for some adventure after many years of study? Or are you entering Half-Time and looking for something to do or some way to give back to others?

Anyone can be a volunteer! The only requirement is to be willing to spend time with our students to teach them things you already know!

What does a volunteer do?

Our volunteers can fill many different areas. One of our greatest needs is someone to help teach English to your young people. Many of them are learning English in school, but they are learning from Thai people or foreigners from countries with strong accents. We appreciate native English speakers who can teach proper pronunciation.

Some volunteers come to help us with minor construction projects around the house. Our hydroponic garden was built by a team of volunteers who came specifically to work on that project. We always have little things that need to be done around the house. So having volunteers on-site is a fun and effective way for those little things to get done! Often these volunteers work with our kids teaching them how to do things they have never done!

Most volunteers do not speak Thai, so it forces our students to listen to English and to reply in English!

How long to volunteers stay?

They can stay anywhere from a week or two to a year or more. We try to accommodate volunteers according to their needs.

Where do volunteers stay?

We prefer that volunteers stay on-site. That way they have a maximum benefit of getting to know our students and minimize the cost of them staying in Thailand. We have guestrooms set up now and we are planning to build a small homestay with accommodations for volunteers and teams.


If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer, please send us a note through our contact us. We can discuss specifics of what you might do as well as estimated costs during your time here.