Our Ministry

Acorn2Oaks is a 501(c)3 orgranization in the USA.  It is the parent organization for Shoulder-to-Shoulder Thailand.  As a parent organization it’s board of directors assist with planning and financial assistance especially sponsorship of kids.

Shoulder-to-Shoulder Thailand (S2S) is located between 2 major universities in Chiang Rai, Thailand.  S2S is about making disciples!  We come alongside students and HIV families to bring them to a knowledge and understanding of God.  We do this through long term relationships and teaching the Bible, which we believe to be God’s story.

 Ministry Center

We provide scholarships for our students to go to school and a place to live.  Students come from nearby mountain villages focusing first on orphans, second on families with only one parent and then all others.  All these students come from families that are desperately poor!  Most of them would not be able to continue their education without help!  We believe education is the key for breaking the cycle of poverty in their families.

HIV Ministry

We provide supplemental food and encouragement for our HIV families. Most of them were too sick to work when we first met them. Now because of better nutrition, HIV medication, and spiritual growth, most of them are able to work and be somewhat self supporting.


Teams are fun! It’s generally a short visit! It is a life experience where you can encourage the person you are visiting and be encouraged at the same time!



Volunteering can be fun too! Anything from teaching English, leading a Bible study, spending time with a student or if you want cutting grass on our campus. Volunteers usually commit to a longer stay from months to years.



See what’s happening with the students who have graduated while living in our home! We do our best to teach them about the Lord, about life and help them to make decisions about their studies. We are so happy for them and the opportunities they now have in life!



Every single cent counts! Your generosity matters! Through your donations, we are closer to empowering a servant leader and an entire community. Your donations are an investment in young people whose lives are being changed!